Marine Policy paper published

Out at sea, out of mind? Don’t bank on it…

Further to last week’s post on the ECO2 briefing in Brussels, the paper I wrote with Simon Shackley and Nathan Bower-Bir on offshore CCS in Scotland has now been published in Marine Policy. Key point – developers and policy-makers mustn’t assume offshore CCS is somehow going to be ‘easier’ in terms of garnering social acceptance. It is the case that there is no clear opposition to offshore CCS plans in Scotland at present, but there is certainly potential for opposition to develop if future developments are not managed carefully. Particularly important to note is that many of the issues we raise – place history, perceptions of governance processes, fairness in decision-making processes – do not correspond easily to land-sea boundaries…

You can view the paper here:

Should you not have a subscription, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to provide you with a copy of the manuscript.


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