Tomakomai Part 2 – carbon dioxide storage and much much more

The end of a second full day in the weird and wonderful world of Tomakomai – home to Japan’s first integrated carbon dioxide capture and storage project and, as I learned today, much much more than that. As I’ve alluded to many times before, with this being my first piece of fieldwork outside of the… Read More Tomakomai Part 2 – carbon dioxide storage and much much more

Fukushima City

This week I am in Fukushima City, the administrative seat of Fukushima Prefecture. It has the real feel of a provincial town to it, with cobbles, trees and brick buildings. It is also famed for its agricultural produce, an industry around which great efforts are being made to get it back on its feet. Unfortunately,… Read More Fukushima City


In the last two days I have carried out two research interviews. The first of these was on the twenty-second floor of a gleaming skyscraper in Otemachi, just minutes’ walk from the decadent Tokyo Station. The second of these was surrounded by samples and dog-eared record books in a lab-cum-office on the ground floor of… Read More Onahama


It is the sound of the cheap chipboard panels bowing back and forth that wakes me up. The bed is wobbling, but so are the floor, ceiling and walls. Everything is moving in concert, orchestrated by some deep dark force. Oh god. It’s an earthquake. I stay in bed until it stops. I’m too tired.… Read More Earthquake


Preparation, preparation, preparation. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was spending so much of the day just working flat out. Next week is when the real fieldwork – getting out and about – starts, but before that there are lots of emails to send, schedules to write up and logistics to sort. As… Read More Preparation

At Kaiyodai

Despite leaving my iPad temporarily on the first plane (which necessitated an embarrassing run of the shuttle bus and back up the boarding steps to retrieve it) and receiving thirty insect bites by virtue of trying to take a picnic in a park, I have successfully made it to Kaiyodai. Now the work starts. I… Read More At Kaiyodai