Mid-September news – a paper and a report


Two short pieces of news for mid-September:

-I have produced an initial report on this summer’s Japan field work campaign. As I am doing further analysis of the data prior to writing up and submission for peer review, I would like to retain some control on where this report goes for the time being and as such will refrain from positing it openly online until I’ve had a chance to think about the data more. However, I would be happy to furnish interested parties with a copy of the interim report (it’s not that long!) on an individual basis – so if you are interested in having a look, please drop me an email;

-a paper I lead authored on governance of ethical and moral concerns in low-carbon energy is at last out in Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. Given that a large vote is coming up in Scotland in which a range of ethical and moral concerns are at play in a manner that perhaps cannot be reduced to two choices on a bit of paper, the timing of the paper coming out is hopefully a happy coincidence!


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