Torry Sound Project

Something a little bit different – am making a tiny contribution to the Torry Sound Project which is being run in Aberdeen over the next wee while. The artists have asked for people’s recordings of the sounds of Torry, and my two bits are below:

Mansefield Road, 20.20, 15 July 2015, recorded at 57.138278, -2.080231 (punch these into Google Maps to see where I was!):

John Ross Jr, 20.25, 15 July 2015, recorded at 57.138212, -2.081926:

Having been trained as a geographer, I still harbour an interest in how people’s senses shape understandings of place and come to inform the values they invest in particular locations or environments – hence I am very keen to see how this project develops, and indeed am very impressed with what the artists are planning to do to co-create this work with people in Torry themselves. You can read more about the project here and here, or follow the project on Twitter via @tsp_navigations!


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