UK-Japan Workshop on Consensus-Based Approaches for Environmental Governance – Live-Streaming of Talks

Next weekend – Saturday 7 May to Monday 9 May – Taisuke Miyauchi and I will be co-convening a UK-Japan Workshop on Consensus-Based Approaches for Environmental Governance, which is possible thanks to the generous support of the GB Sasakawa Foundation. This will be held on the campus of Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

This is envisioned as a small, intensive, pump-priming workshop loosely centered around scholars involved in the Environmental Governance Under Pluralistic Values network in Japan, and a few people who met through their involvement in the Citizens’ Juries on Wind Farms in Scotland project in Scotland (plus a few others). It will involve a mixture of presentation, discussion and field visits with a view to identifying opportunities for further collaboration.

Following the successful format of the ‘Environmental Governance Under Pluralistic Values‘ network which Taisuke convenes, we will be video-streaming the presentation section of the workshop to give wider reach and allow those outwith the network to find out what we are up to. During and after the workshop I will also be blogging about what we discuss and the ideas that come out of it.

The live streaming will be hosted on the Social Responsibility at RGU cluster’s UStream channel:

If you are interested and keen while viewing, you can ask questions to the speakers in real-time by either replying in the chat window, or contacting me via Twitter @ljmabon or emailing

The schedule for live-streaming will be as follows (all times Japan time, which is currently 8 hours ahead of GMT summer time (and yes, I know that is the middle of the night UK time…))

Session 1 – Saturday 7 May – 9.30am-11.00am

9.30am Introduction and overview – Leslie Mabon and Taisuke Miyauchi
9.45am Stephen Elstub (Newcastle University) – A Comparative Analysis of the Utility of Mini-Publics for Consensus-Based Environmental Governance in the UK and Japan
10.15am Emily Creamer (University of Edinburgh) – Community-led sustainability transitions in Scotland
10.45am Panel discussion

Session 2 – Saturday 7 May – 11.15am-12.30pm

11.15am Bregje van Veelen (University of Edinburgh) – Community energy in Scotland: a bottom-up transition?
11.45am Natascha Mueller-Hirth (Robert Gordon University) – ‘My forefathers died for this land’: resource extraction, development and collective memory on South Africa’s Wild Coast
12.15pm Panel discussion

Session 3 – Saturday 7 May – 1.30pm-3.15pm

1.30pm Leslie Mabon (Robert Gordon University) and Jun Kita (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth/Marine Ecology Research Institute) – Multidisciplinary research and its contribution to consensus-based environmental governance: lessons from marine monitoring for offshore carbon dioxide storage in Scotland and Japan
2.00pm Taisuke Miyauchi (Hokkaido University) – Community as the resilient factor?: The diverse role of communities in the recovery process from the 2011 tsunami in Japan
2.30pm Makoto Nishikido (Hosei University) – The Alternative Movements for Energy in Japan: The Development of ‘Community Power Movements’
3.00pm Panel discussion

Session 4 – Saturday 7 May – 3.45pm-5.15pm

3.45pm Masatoshi Sasaoka (Hokkaido University) – Reexamination of the validity of “separative conservation model”: Insights from conservation value of human-modified tropical forests in Maluku, east Indonesia
4.15pm Yuko Takasaki (Hokkaido University) – Acceptance and Resistance to Simplification of Local Resource Space: Through the Change of Coastal Marine Environment in Okinawa
4.45pm Isma Rosyda (Hokkaido University) – Political Ecology of Tin Mining: A Study on the Marginalization of Coastal Resource Dependent Communities in the Islands of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
5.15pm Panel Discussion and Day 1 wrapping up

Session 5 – Monday 9 May – 9.00am-11.35am

9.00am Shinji Yamamoto (Iwate University) – Urban Volunteers for Rural Forests: Expanding Commons in Japan
9.30am Yasushi Maruyama (Nagoya University) – Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy in Japan
10.00am Panel discussion/short break

10.20am Naoyuki Mikami (Hokkaido University) – A Case Study of Energy Choice Deliberative Polling after the Fukushima Accident
10.50am Tatsuya Kinjo (Hokkaido University) – TBC
11.20am Panel discussion

And contributing via Skype will be:

Claire Haggett (University of Edinburgh) – Key findings from research on renewable energy in Scotland: context, communities, and cumulative impact
Mhairi Aitken (University of Edinburgh) – Community Engagement with Renewable Energy in Scotland

(I’ll report on their presentations in one of my blog posts too)

***Please note that as the technology is all new to us – and that as this is an academic meeting (!) – timings are approximate (!!) and things may not go to plan. We have done a few ‘dry runs’ and are confident that everything works as it should, but please bear with us!***

Also there may be minor timing or order changes to the schedule, check back here or on my Twitter (@ljmabon) for any updates.

Looking forward to telling you more about how it goes in upcoming posts!


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