People in Yubari

I recently came across an image of Yubari on Twitter. It was not tagged as being in Yubari, but I recognised the building immediately and knew exactly where it was. What struck me was that whilst the building the person (and others) had been ‘exploring’ was indeed derelict, it was only a hundred metres away from a still-functioning shopping area and some offices. The original poster was clearly being careful not to give the location away, and I do not think I have made it too obvious from what I have written here.

While people have a right to photograph and safely enjoy ruins, it did make me think about how Yubari, where nearly 9,000 people still live, gets represented in the English-language corners of the internet. Indeed, it was pointed out to me that I myself use too many photos without people in them in my presentations and slides.

With that in mind, I thought I would make a short post with a few photos of people in Yubari, in the hope that this might dilute the number of pictures of empty buildings. So, without further ado, please find below some people in Yubari:

In Bunkado stationery in  Shimizusawa, Yubari
The proprietor of Okashi no Fuji, Shimizusawa, Yubari
Sakon-san, from the Planning Department of Yubari City Government
Staff in the Planning Department of Yubari City Government, Honcho, Yubari
OK, this is cheating, no people but the sign for the recently-opened Yubari Crafts & Goods, Yubari Station.

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