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Responding to climate change in a carbon-intensive coastal region?

Aberdeen is in a challenging position when it comes to thinking about the future. We know very well that reductions in carbon dioxide emissions are required if we are to avoid significant harm on a global scale. This entails, among … Continue reading

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Why I saw north-east Scotland turning blue, and why the ‘day job’ now has to be a just transition

As soon as Donald Trump won Michigan in the US presidential race late last year, I had a feeling large parts of north-east Scotland were going to fall to the Tories at the next election. I just didn’t expect ‘the … Continue reading

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On Fukushima Dai’ichi, radiation, and trust in data

Yesterday a friend on Facebook tagged me into a post linking to an article claiming that the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai’ichi nuclear power plant continues unabated. My friend tagged me in because he knew I did research around Fukushima, … Continue reading

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Society and green space in Fukushima’s cities post-disaster

Originally posted on, a new collaborative venture I have with Dr Wanyu Shih of Ming-Chuan University. For the past few years I have been undertaking research in Fukushima. This does not mean I have been doing work at the … Continue reading

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Yubari, Aberdeen and industrial decline

This is a piece I wrote for The Scotsman a couple of months back, on what Aberdeen and north-east Scotland can learn from the decline of coal and steel manufacturing in the south of Hokkaido. Given recent political events and … Continue reading

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Tomakomai: a guide for visiting CCS researchers

As the site of a fairly large-scale offshore CCS demonstration – one of the first of its kind in the world – Tomakomai is going to become an increasingly important place for international CCS researchers. Now that injection of CO2 … Continue reading

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Ten days in Taipei; or, laying the groundwork for genuine interdisciplinary collaboration

Can we fit together? You sure? I know that we will be (BoA, Who Are You) This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a month or so, but it’s taken the release of the British Academy’s big … Continue reading

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