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Reflecting on two years of interdisciplinary research together

From Urban Green Adaptation Diary On 17 June 2016, at the 23rd Pacific Science Congress at Academia Sinica in Taipei, we delivered our first conference paper together. Titled “Achieving Mitigation of Land Surface Temperature via Greenspaces: A Case Study of Taipei … Continue reading

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People in Yubari

I recently came across an image of Yubari on Twitter. It was not tagged as being in Yubari, but I recognised the building immediately and knew exactly where it was. What struck me was that whilst the building the person … Continue reading

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Progressing CCS in Japan – December 2017 Visit

For the past week I’ve been in Japan for a series of carbon capture and storage-related events, largely linked to Japan’s recent successful endeavours in deploying CCS technology in the ‘real world.’ The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project, up in Hokkaido … Continue reading

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Responding to climate change in a carbon-intensive coastal region?

Aberdeen is in a challenging position when it comes to thinking about the future. We know very well that reductions in carbon dioxide emissions are required if we are to avoid significant harm on a global scale. This entails, among … Continue reading

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Why I saw north-east Scotland turning blue, and why the ‘day job’ now has to be a just transition

As soon as Donald Trump won Michigan in the US presidential race late last year, I had a feeling large parts of north-east Scotland were going to fall to the Tories at the next election. I just didn’t expect ‘the … Continue reading

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On Fukushima Dai’ichi, radiation, and trust in data

Yesterday a friend on Facebook tagged me into a post linking to an article claiming that the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai’ichi nuclear power plant continues unabated. My friend tagged me in because he knew I did research around Fukushima, … Continue reading

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Society and green space in Fukushima’s cities post-disaster

Originally posted on, a new collaborative venture I have with Dr Wanyu Shih of Ming-Chuan University. For the past few years I have been undertaking research in Fukushima. This does not mean I have been doing work at the … Continue reading

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