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NEW PAPER: urban greening, equity, and climate adaptation

Originally posted on Urban Green Adaptation Diary This post summarises the main findings of the paper ‘What might ‘just green enough’ urban development mean in the context of climate change adaptation? The case of urban greenspace planning in Taipei Metropolis, Taiwan’, … Continue reading

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NEW PAPER: competences for managing sustainability transitions through urban planning

The purpose of this post is to summarise a new paper which has just been published in Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning. The paper, titled ‘Management of sustainability transitions through planning in shrinking resource city contexts: an evaluation of … Continue reading

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Japan’s first large-scale CCS demonstration: the social side

This post summarises another paper out this month. This is an investigation into the social dimensions of the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project, Japan’s first large-scale carbon capture and storage project. What is the key point of this paper? The key … Continue reading

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Five years of trial coastal fishing in Fukushima: what is the situation?

The aim of this post is to summarise a new paper that myself and Prof Midori Kawabe have had published on coastal fisheries in Fukushima, five years after trial operations started post-disaster. What is the key point of this paper? … Continue reading

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Presenting North Sea Transitions at International Workshop in Tokyo

Last week I was in Tokyo for an international workshop of the Japanese Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Programme (SIP): Next-Generation Technology for Ocean Resources Exploration. The environmental and socio-economic impact assessment work programme is led by my collaborator Prof Midori … Continue reading

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福島第一原子力発電所事故後のいわき漁業:不確かな状況下で沿岸域管理が学び取れることとは (日本語まとめ)

福島第一原子力発電所事故後のいわき漁業:不確かな状況下で沿岸域管理が学び取れることとは レズリー・メイボン 川辺みどり 当論文は福島第一原子力発電所事故の後に福島県いわき市の漁業においてリスクと不確実性がどう認識されているのか見極めることを試みる。特に沿岸域管理におけるリスクや不確実性の扱いに関し学び取れることをより一般的な視点から考察することに重きを置く。2011年の原発事故は福島漁業に大変な影響を及ぼした。以後沿岸漁業はストップされ、海洋放射線の水産物に対する影響を理解するための研究が今も続いている。その一方で福島漁業を徐々に再開するため小規模な試験操業が行われている。福島県内およびいわき市内でのインタビュー、ディスカッション・グループ、試験操業や緊急モニタリングの視察等を基に当論文では大きく次の三点を議論する:(a)状況説明において信頼できる地元地域コンタクトの役割;(b)依然ある制約や不確実要素を認識する透明な検査・モニタリングの重要性;(c)速く、潜在的に不可逆的な環境変化に関し文化的な側面を深刻にとらえる重要性。 原稿(ダウンロードができない場合、原稿を無料頼むために是非ご連絡ください Mabon, L and Kawabe, M (2015) ‘Fisheries in Iwaki after the Fukushima Dai’ichi nuclear accident: lessons for coastal management under conditions of high uncertainty?’ Coastal Management 43 (5): 498-518; Mabon, L (2015) ‘Radioactivity and the … Continue reading

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Commentary on our new paper: fisheries in Fukushima post-disaster

(日本語まとめはこちらです) A few days ago a paper I co-authored with Midori Kawabe of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology on fisheries in Fukushima Prefecture after the 2011 disaster finally emerged in the public domain via the journal Coastal Management. … Continue reading

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