Contribution in World Social Science Report 2013

Today saw the launch of World Social Science Report 2013: Changing Global Environments, published by the International Social Science Council in associated with UNESCO and OECD. It’s a collection of short essays written by social scientists around the world, spanning the vast topic that is the social dimensions of global environmental change.

What's really open for discussion in pubic engagement on energy?
What’s really open for discussion in pubic engagement on energy?

I’m very pleased to be able to say that myself and my colleague Simon Shackley have a piece in the WSSR, summarising some of the recent work we’ve been doing around public engagement in carbon dioxide capture and storage. Our contribution deals with some of the ethical and moral challenges that may arise when engaging ‘the public’ on issues of large energy infrastructure, including the dangers of closing down the debate to risk communication and the importance of being honest with publics about what participation in engagement schemes may realistically hope to achieve.

A ‘full fat’ paper delving into the theory behind this question of closing down the terms of engagement has been accepted for publication in Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, and is due to appear in 2014. For now, though, you can read our WSSR contribution here:


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